An African nation ruled by nomadic warrior tribes controlling bio-engineered and cybernetically-enhanced megafauna.



Administrative Divisions, Politics, Military, Foreign Relations


Split from our timelineEdit

Shaka Zulu was never killed by his half-brother. Instead he ruled long, kept growing his empire, and gained momentum enough to release the the European encroachment into central and much of south Africa. The nation is still ruled as a feudal constitutional meritocracy with a descendant of Shaka Zulu at its head.


climate, biodiversity


languages, religion, ethnic groups, health, family structure, crime and law enforcement

Economy & InfrastructureEdit

education, science & technology, energy, health, communications, tourism, transportation


popular media and entertainment, philosophy and the arts, literature, sports & recreation, cuisine, holidays and festivals

Stylistic elementsEdit

  • African primitive art
  • megafauna
  • grown materials (no metals)

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