Expertise is a 0 - 100 scale of XP; we use the term XP synonymously. It is the most common reward for game play. As XP increases, Cards are said to "gain expertise" or "experience". 100 XP cards are called Experts

Expertise is gained in three ways:

  • Memories. These are 1 XP apiece, and cannot be duplicated from the same source. Typically granted from a Game Win
  • Lessons. These are 1 XP apiece, and cannot be duplicated from the same source. Typically granted from Secondary Objectives and Commendations. They may stack with Memories from the same source.
  • Futures. These are variable awards made from an accelerator Boon purchased at The Exchange. They stack with everything, and may be duplicated.

Refer to Objective for more info.

Abilities on the card Unlock as it gains expertise, which increases the card Grade. All cards have 3 Abilities, but not all of them are immediately available. As a card gains Expertise it Upgrades its attributes:

  • 0 xp = Grade 1 Ability
  • 15 xp = +1 Health
  • 30 xp = +1 Defense
  • 50 xp = Grade 2 Ability
  • 65 xp = +1 Offense
  • 80 xp = +1 Health
  • 100 xp = Grade 3 Ability

Thus, every card starts off with one ability, and then gains a new one every 50 xp.

Refer to Card Abilities for guidelines on the Level of Abilities for Echelon, Rank and Grade of cards.

Locked abilities should be visually different (perhaps grayed out, dotted border, something). The only UI requirement is that the XP to unlock the ability should be displayed somehow (say a number on a lock icon, akin to the overlays Cathy did before). Digits will always be 2 or 3 (no card unlocks a maneuver from 1-9 xp).


Persistent Card Attributes
Abilities Attribute ArrowMiniBlueLeft Expertise Attribute ArrowMiniBlueRight Grade Attribute

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