Trying to AchieveEdit

  • A fun game that is easy to play. Challenging at all skill levels, but never too difficult nor too easy
  • A game you can and want to replay. Particularly those with continual variation or surprises
  • A game where it is always clear what you need to do. You are never lost or lack for something to do
  • A game you can play with friends. Where being social is part and parcel of the experience
  • A game with built in prestige. With stuff, achievements, or bragging rights you can show off to your friends
  • A game where you can feel heroic. Where you feel like you made a difference and know what that was
  • A game with an intriguing story. One that creates distinct memories you feel good about
  • A game where you can spectate cool stuff. This can be gameplay, events, the ooh ahh world, etc.
  • A game with sensual appeal. Particularly those that create an immersive experience
  • A novel game. Simply something new can be very entertaining
  • A game simple to learn yet with complex strategy
  • A game with ample, clear minigames that enhance play
  • Fun! Excitement! Damn that was nifty!
  • High replay value, all cards useful somehow somewhere
  • Card choice in deck creation visibly impacting gameplay and achieving objectives
  • Physical geometry matters
  • A consistent military theme
  • Can be played in 15-30 min increments, 10-20 mins if we can achieve it
  • Good out-of-game community with in-game social interactions

Trying to Avoid Edit

  • Expensive cards = game win. Power is a big leap forward, i.e. to limit how powerful a deck is, and matchmake accordingly
  • Instants and the Stack (from Magic) = Interrupts on another person’s turn. Disallow.
  • Other permanents that aren’t units (Artifacts, Enchantments, Equipment, Auras). Simply don't have.
  • Land screwing. Make all units creatures + land.
  • Bad hand draws / mulliganing. Vanguard addresses this concern directly.
  • Tokens. Disallow.
  • Trading card paradigms, in particular: Randomness, trading, and resale market. Disallow.
  • Unnecessary complexity. Only time will tell whether we tuned this right...

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