Grade is the number of Abilities a card has Unlocked. Abilities on a card not currently accessible are Locked. Card grades are also referred to colloquially:

  1. G1 [0-49xp] are Amateurs
  2. G2 [50-99xp] are Professionals
  3. G3 [100xp] are Experts

Card Grade is denoted by the symbol G, and is often used as a limit in a card Ability. For example, "Tap up to G cards and then do G effects".

All cards have 3 Abilities, but not all of them are immediately available. As a card gains Expertise it Upgrades its attributes:

  • 0 xp = Grade 1 Ability
  • 15 xp = +1 Health
  • 30 xp = +1 Defense
  • 50 xp = Grade 2 Ability
  • 65 xp = +1 Offense
  • 80 xp = +1 Health
  • 100 xp = Grade 3 Ability

Thus, every card starts off with one ability, and then gains a new one every 50 xp.

Refer to Card Abilities for guidelines on the Level of Abilities for Echelon, Rank and Grade of cards.

Locked abilities should be visually different (perhaps grayed out, dotted border, something). The only UI requirement is that the XP to unlock the ability should be displayed somehow (say a number on a lock icon, akin to the overlays Cathy did before). Digits will always be 2 or 3 (no card unlocks a maneuver from 1-9 xp).


Persistent Card Attributes
Expertise Attribute ArrowMiniBlueLeft Grade Attribute ArrowMiniBlueRight Power Attribute