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Template:Defn Template:Prop Template:Eff Template:Cond Template:Trig Template:Targ Template:SC

Template:Damage Assignment Simple Template:Damage Assignment Template:Offense and Defense

Template:Card Abilities Simple

Template:Billet Description

Template:Ability Levels

Template:Movement Effect

Template:TARGET PLAYER Template:TARGET SPOT Template:TARGET and Select Template:SPOT Template:CARD

Template:Play Screen Visual


Template:Card Table Header Template:Unit Table Listing Template:Unit Page Template:CatStarterDeck

Template:Lone Template:Squad Template:Crew Template:Ldr Template:Cdr Template:Hero

Template:TEMPLATE Effect Template:TEMPLATE Property Template:TEMPLATE Clause

Template:TEMPLATE Objective Template:CatObjective

Template:CatDescriptive Template:CatIntrinsic Template:CatPersistent Template:CatDynamic

Template:CatType Template:CatRole Template:CatSort Template:CatWeapon Template:CatSpecialty Template:CatRank Template:CatEchelon Template:CatVerse Template:CatCollectibility

Template:CatEffect Template:CatProperty Template:CatClause Template:CatMovement Template:CatPlacement Template:CatDrawing Template:CatVisibility

Template:Card Attributes Category:Descriptive Card Attributes Category:Intrinsic Card Attributes Category:Persistent Card Attributes Category:Dynamic Card Attributes

Template:Type Attribute Template:Role Attribute Template:Sort Attribute Template:Weapon Attribute Template:Specialty Attribute Template:Rank Attribute Template:Echelon Attribute Template:'Verse Attribute Template:Set Attribute

Template:Site Element Template:Trap Site Template:Camp Site Template:Keep Site Template:Sync Site

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