Maneuver SyntaxEdit

[Cost] -> Effect(s) (Optional Clauses)


[Cost] = Resource(s) to be paid

can be NULL (for free), but then must have Clause, or be an Effect card and clauses are:

  • WHEN Trigger
  • WHILE Condition
  • IF Constraint
  • ANY player may use this maneuver

Basic Resources are Edit

  • Cards
  • Card movement between zones
  • Card tapping on field
  • Units in Play
  • Open Grid spaces
  • Minor Actions
  • Major Actions
  • Turns
  • Unit Health

Common Triggers, “when”Edit

  • Start of turn
  • End of turn
  • This card is played
  • This card leaves play
  • This card attacks
  • This card does damage
  • This card is moved (to zone X)
  • When {this / ally / enemy} card takes damage (N or above)
  • When {ally / enemy / any} card is moved to X (from Y)
  • When {ally / enemy / any} officer is placed
  • When {ally / enemy / any} commander is placed
  • When enemy {officer / commander} attacks

Common Conditions, “while” / “if”Edit

Unit Edit

  • In a squad
  • Not in a squad
  • Tapped
  • Prepper
  • Wounded
  • Fresh
  • Shown
  • Hidden


  • Full
  • 7 or more units fielded (more than 2/3)
  • 6 or less units fielded (2/3 or less)
  • Column empty
  • Row empty

Locational TermsEdit

  • Next To
  • Far From
  • Same Row
  • Same Column
  • In Line (or perhaps Line of Sight) - Same Row OR Same Column
  • Out of Line (or perhaps Out of Sight) - Not In Line

Related ManeuversEdit

For every maneuver, we will typically have three related kinds of maneuvers:

  • Retaliation To Maneuver = Do something bad to you when you do something bad to me
  • Hinder Maneuver = Somehow dilute, bypass, deflect, or screw with your maneuver
  • Immune To Maneuver = That maneuver simply can’t be used on this card

Note that some effects can also be used as Resources, Triggers, Conditions, or Constraints. So even with a small set of effects, there are highly combinatoric permutations of maneuvers.

Maneuver classes should come with characteristic animations / sounds. These might be modified by 'verse, or even down to card (if we had a talented resource that could make them, and the time).

Big Pile O' IdeasEdit


  • Flying = Do damage, ignore defense Camp
  • Retaliation N = do N damage to attacker
  • = Cannot attack


  • Regenerate = Heal ally to total
  • Rejuvenate = Heal self to total
  • Renew N = Heal self N points, up to total
  • Stimpack N = Heal ally N points, can exceed total
  • Deflect N = Prevent next N damage done to ally from any source
  • Vampire N = Heal self up to N when dealing damage
  • Channel N = Heal ally up to N when dealing damage

Removal (redo by MIA and KIA)Edit

  • Maimtouch = Instant MIA when attacking if 1 damage is done
  • Assassin = When attacking, any card that would MIA goes KIA instead
  • Poison Trap N = MIA in N turns
  • Mill? = Force enemy to discard N card(s) from HQ


  • Rush N = Move N enemy card(s) on field to an open space, sequentially
  • Confuse? Charge? N = Swap N enemy cards(s) on field, sequentially
  • Foundation = Cannot be moved by anybody while on field
  • Sapper N = Do N extra damage against Construction and Foundations, etc.
  • Cavalry X = Get a specific card from your HQ and put into your hand
  • Other tutor effects? Do we even want tutoring?
  • Champion = MIA card of same 'verse; MIA card enters field when champion leaves
  • Retribution = Bad effect to enemy when your cards are moved by them


  • Secret Agent = Top card of enemy HQ is always revealed
  • Leak N = Reveal N of your cards on field
  • Breach N = Reveal N of your cards in hand
  • Treason = Top card of your HQ is always revealed
  • Stealth = Cannot be revealed until attack
  • Recon? good word

Cards and DecksEdit

  • Requisition N = Look at top N cards of your HQ, and replace in any order
  • Assign N = Look at top N cards of your HQ, place any on bottom in any order, replace on top in any order
  • Sabotage N = Look at top N cards of enemy HQ and replace in any order
  • = Look at top N cards of enemy HQ, place any on bottom in any order, replace on top in any order
  • Buyback [Cost] = Return card to hand instead of MIA
  • Cycle [Cost] = Discard this card to draw a new one

Cards & HandsEdit

  • = Raise hand limit by 1 while this card is in play (max 6)
  • = Lower Enemy hand limit by 1 while this card is in play (min 2)
  • = Target enemy discards a card. Lower Enemy hand limit by 1 while this card is in play (min 3)


  • Vigilant = Attack without tapping
  • Alert = Immune to enemy tapping effects
  • ? = Tap ally in order to tap enemy
  • Fragile = minus when tapped
  • Entrenched = bonus when tapped

Squad / TribalEdit

  • Get bonus / maneuver when in squad
  • Get +1 Stat per Tribe on field
  • Affinity N = Costs less
  • Amplify N = +1 Stat
  • Linesplit = Change unit Type or Weapon


  • {Zone} Beacon {Type, Weapon} N = When this card is in {Zone}, {Type/Weapon} cards are more likely to be drawn
  • {Zone} Jammer {Type, Weapon} N = When this card is in {Zone}, {Type/Weapon} cards are less likely to be drawn
  • {Zone} Vanguard N = When this card is in {Zone}, it is more likely to be drawn
  • {Zone} Reserve N = When this card is in {Zone}, it is less like to be drawn


  • Infiltrator = placed on enemy grid space, has “leaves play” effect and/or negative effect
  • Traitor = Moves unit from an enemy grid space to an open space of yours; turns friendly
  • Might want this to only last for one turn, needs to be repeated

Random StuffEdit

  • = Put friendly into play
  • Flashback = Can play from MIA, then KIA
  • Terrainwalk = Immune to adverse effects from terrain
  • Shroud X = Cannot be targeted by X
  • Protection from X - Cannot be targeted or take damage from X
  • Erratic = use dice for effect? Seems... erratic
  • Delve N = Kill N cards from MIA to reduce cost by N morale
  • Kickers! Great for nationality balance
  • Expand Retaliation maneuvers
  • Expand Hinder maneuvers
  • Expand Immune To maneuvers
  • Invader - Can go on Foe Fields
  • Infiltrator - Can only go on Foe Fields
  • Intruder -
  • Trespass
  • Insert
  • Charge
  • Lunge
  • Rush
  • Dash
  • Vicious (extra damage to wounded Units)
  • Claim (turn Spot to Ally only)

No Tokens. Do we want counters?Edit

  • Already have if we use traps. hmmm...
  • Weaken = Enemy unit gets -1 Stat
  • Bolster = Ally unit gets +1 Stat
  • Graft N = Shift +1/+1 counters around
  • Wither N = Damage done as -1/-1 counters
  • Proliferate