Deck Play Format VariablesEdit

  • Mission (vs computer) or PvP (vs people)
  • Minimum Power - Maximum Power of your deck = 80% - 120% opponent deck
  • Min Cards - Max Cards
  • Objectives
  • Skirmish = 1 game; Match = 2 out of 3 games; War = 3 out of 5 games
  • Game time clock total (like chess clock)
  • Commander N = How many commanders must be in your deck
  • Enlisted only / Standard / No enlisted (officers and above only)
  • Vanguard N = N enlisted cards to start
  • Number of Computer Players
  • Team play
  • Grid size
  • Terrain placement (Random, Fair)
  • Obstacle placement (Random, Fair)
  • Feature placement (Random, Fair)

Tournament Format VariablesEdit

  • Deck play format
  • PvP, PvE, TvE, TvT
  • Tournaments have entry fees that we collect
  • Single Elimination vs. Swiss Rounds
  • Placing (top 3%) and winner
  • Prizes by placement. Grand prize is usually a special card
  • Prestige on player Commendations

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