All 'Verses:

  • have a strong unit / kind of Ability
  • are good against certain unit Weapon or Role
  • have weaknesses to the same

A 'Verse is a collection of cards with similar theme that are designed to work together. Specifically, Maneuvers on unit cards often require participation of other cards from the same 'Verse.

Strategic Theme IdeasEdit

  • Brutes = high stats, few maneuvers
  • Damagers = weaker units, high damage capacity
  • Healers = weaker units, high healing capacity
  • Movers = High movement units
  • Spys = High reveal and card gathering
  • Rangers = heavily focused on terrain
  • Removers = focuses on hampering enemy
  • Spirit = put cards MIA, then retrieve easily. Threshold
  • Tappers = plays tapping games, tries to reduce enemy morale
  • Effecters = Effect heavy with Conspire on units, and Rebound
  • Low Units = Heavy board condition benefits. Glory hounds