Here's what Kim desires from any collaborative venture, ranked [1-10] by importance:

  • [10] Integrity - Honorable conduct is essential. Deception will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination of collaboration
  • [9] Flexibility - particularly in work scheduling and location, but also in tasks and roles
  • [9] Transparency - Everyone should know what everyone else is up to, and coordinate appropriately
  • [8] Responsibility - We finish tasks we agree upon, and proactively seek to fix problems even outside our role
  • [8] Accountability - We air mistakes so process can be improved. There is no blame, only useful information
  • [8] Learning opportunities - I'd like to learn from my peers, not just about the task at hand but in general
  • [8] Excellence - I want to be able to do something extremely well and be free to create high quality
  • [7] Productivity - Making something useful to others (mainly outside the venture)
  • [7] Participation - I want to feel like I'm contributing and what I do makes a difference
  • [7] Adaptability - especially in the face of concrete facts no matter how pleasant
  • [7] Humanity - All people should be treated with dignity and respect
  • [7] Sharing - Resources should be shared where possible
  • [7] Communication - For many purposes: coordination, conflict resolution, information sharing, and just plain fun
  • [6] Efficiency - We should strive to make everyone's lives and tasks easier (mainly inside the venture)
  • [5] Control - I'd like input into decisions
  • [3] Recognition - This is my personal desire for recognition; [8] Giving other people recognition and credit where credit is due